Sunday 21st April 2013.

Clancy, my Fictitious friend.

C. J. Black©β                   4 of 13.

My-self and Fictitious Clancy had arranged for our day out

We got the loan of a fishing boat we were going fishing for some trout

One of Fic’s famous sayings is – the key is not to panic

But when the fishing boat sprung a leak you’d swear it was the Titanic

The funny thing about it all we were still practically on dry land

We had just unhooked, had crossed a rivulet and were pulling it across the sand.

So ended our voyage out to sea for which I silently gave praise

I may show bravery on the outside – you don’t really want to know what my inner self displays

I guess Fic suspects but never will pass a remark of any sort

For I guess he knows I am aware of his fear of flying but I never would retort

Anyway we hooked up the boat and returned it to its birth

And adjourned to the nearest bar and this story he poured forth

I knew when he winked at me and I saw this smirk

That I was just to sit back and watch the master at his work

Well he told the few who sat around the bar of the struggle that he had

In trying to land this fish, I tell you I was glad

That all I had to do was agree by giving him the confident nod

It was all a fishy story, in fact it was all a cod

The lads around the bar were intrigued the more they drank

I don’t think they would have blinked an eye if Fic told them the boat had sunk.

Another day of adventure with our friend Fictitious Clancy and our infamous boat trip

We finished our drinks and both agreed it was time for a ray and chip

So from my-self and Fictitious Clancy until we meet again

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