Monday 22nd April 2013.

Clancy, my Fictitious friend.

C. J. Black©β

Our mutual friend Fictitious Clancy a bachelor at heart

But committed to his wife of 30 years the long suffering Pricilla Hart

Pricilla too is independent and leads a “single life” from time to time

This suits Fic who likes to show at times – that he is still in his prime

Both have stayed “faithful” down the years but still enjoyed the good life

There is a lesson to be learned from this whether you’re a husband or a wife.

The stories that Fic would relate while we are in each others company

Are not for publication or he would swing for me

But down the years we use one another as a private confessional

It takes a great deal of pressure off in acting quite professional

We are all in need of someone outside of the family circle whom we can trust with what’s on our mind

So when Fic has a problem he’ll look to confide in me no matter what its kind

I could tell you stories that would make the hair stand on your head

But suffice to say I can not snitch, nor light on his confessions shed

As you know by now if you have been following the antics of friend Fic Clancy

You’ll understand from his comical smirk and his flight of fancy

There are times he likes to play at being Jack the Lad

And try and drop me in the mire of which sometimes I’ll admit I’m glad

Fic and I would regularly go on a spree and enjoy a lad’s week-end

The antics we’d get up to you would not comprehend

But as this poem may be published before the water shed

It’s time to call a halt and put this piece to bed

But fear not there is plenty more from the diary of Fic Clancy

That will not shock you be guaranteed of that, but might just well tickle your fancy.

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