Tuesday 23rd April 2013.

Clancy, my Fictitious friend.

C. J. Black©β

We were sitting by the river bank my-self and Fictitious Clancy watching, as the world passed by

When our conversation veered down the road of “politics” I still can’t fathom the reason why

Neither of us are what you might call political anoraks

But we take a passing interest in politician’s talk of cutbacks

These always seem to fall on those who earn a lesser wage

They never seem to us at least to affect those on the bigger stage

So we tossed some ideas about we thought we might share with you

Perhaps some politicians might take note – maybe even comment on our view

First on the agenda is how we’d attempt to fix the country’s debt

Fic will always speak his mind – he is never one to worry or to fret

As Fic is like all politicians and to major gaffes is prone

But once he gets an idea – he is like a dog with a juicy bone

So let us now take a deep breath and these ideas lay on you

And maybe when we finish the world won’t seem really that askew

We are fully aware that a poem should scan and also rhyme

But forgive the next few lines we’ll get back to rhyme in time

So here we go with the task in hand – these are some of our proposals

(1)   Pay the estimated 0.4 million over 50’s in the work force 1 million euros severance for early retirement with the following stipulations –

(2)   They MUST retire. Must not reapply for their positions. 0.4 million job openings – unemployment fixed.

(3)   They MUST buy a new car. 0.4 Million cars ordered – Car industry fixed.

(4)   They MUST either buy a house or pay off their mortgage – Housing crisis fixed.

(5)   They MUST send their children to school/college/university – crime rate fixed.

(6)   Finally – They MUST buy 100 euros worth of alcohol/tobacco a week… There’s your money back in duty/tax etc;

Could be more to follow if we feel inclined – Poetry can be changed around mixed up and not defined

Now that we have got this off our chest there is no more to write – To finish off all we ask is for Grumpies of the World to Unite.

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