Wednesday 24th April 2013.

Clancy, my Fictitious Friend.

C. J. Black©β

My-self and Fictitious Clancy while out one day hill walking

Decided we should collaborate try do a little writing instead of rubbish talking

I asked Fic to concentrate his mind on a certain subject

Then we’d both sit down try and write a poem on the object

Now Fic could be at times a rather deep thinker other times be quite profound

So he suggested – compose a piece on why people in this day and age so many are rotund

I didn’t feel over confident in writing on this subject which could be quite offensive

When I put this to Fic he got quite defensive

He said with his usual smirk – why should I be the one to always choose?

Are you afraid to step out of my shadow for fear that you may loose?

Now just to put you in the picture we have never had a falling out

We would always adjourn to our local snug argue it out over a couple of pints of stout

Then when the air was cleared we’d both head for home

Clap ourselves on the back – result another poem.

So there you are its simple just let your fingers do the talking

Jot down each thought that comes into your head especially when out walking

As you can see from our ramblings Fic and I are amateurs

So go to it give it your best shot prove to yourself you can write a poem – WordPress will also publish yours.

So until the next time from my-self and Fictitious Clancy

Look forward to your masterpiece – It might well tickle our fancy.

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