Thursday 25th April 2013.

Clancy, my Fictitious friend.

C. J. Black©β

Seize the moment – Fictitious Clancy said as his horse passed the post

Pull us another two pints there Fiacra – we have to have a toast

Toast says I to Fic what a very good idea

Not often that the bookies clerk would prefer not to see ya

What terrible grammar quick thinking Fic retorted

I really didn’t give a tinkers curse as to the bookies I, Fic escorted

He presented at the desk handed in his docket

Stood patiently waiting for his win – quickly placed it in his pocket

Back we went into the snug our two pints had settled well

Fic turned to me with that smirk what about Pricilla pray tell?

I suggested that she wouldn’t mind once you tell her you’ve booked a villa

And that both of you this weekend were going to Seville

Fic looked at me in total shock not to mention sheer horror – and said you miss the point

I mean when we get back home worse for wear – I was only going for one pint!!

Now here we are on our fourth already

Not quite tipsy but a little unsteady

Just then his phone gave out a whistle – Fic had just received a text

It was Pricilla; she was just dropping in on the pretext –

That instead of dining in they might have dinner out

Fic mopped his brow, breathed a sigh of relief and ordered another three pints of stout.

8 of 13.

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