Friday 26th April 2013.

Clancy, my Fictitious friend.

C. J. Black©β

While out enjoying our daily constitutional just shooting the breeze

Fictitious Clancy turned to me and with consummate ease

Said out of the blue – It’s a Barnum and Bailey world as the saying goes

With the clowns running the whole empire – ring leaders are definitely no shows

They are pushing us poor urchins to the limit

In fact – There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute

That’s not me expounding on this fact I’ll have you know

Listen to any news bulletin or watch any live T.V. debate show

It really is the inmates running the asylum

Ask any down and out or any skid row bum.

I’d like to take a straw poll for pig iron if nothing else

Just to prove this point –

That people are now watching soaps as for truth they delve

It’s getting very hard to decide what fact is and what fiction is

Appears to me we are being lead by those moguls running show bizz

We are just the extras in this black comedy called life

Existing it should said on pig swill and on strife

Once they (the leaders) can keep us from rebelling they are sure to always hold the upper hand

While we continue to grumble under our breath and struggle through quick sand!

When Fic gets on his high horse there’s no telling which road his utterances will take

I can never argue with his out bursts – you may if you can find an error or mistake.

So from myself and Fictitious Clancy until next we meet – remember the show must go on

It’s getting close to that time when we must sing our swan song.

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