Saturday 27th April 2013.

Clancy, my Fictitious friend.

C. J. Black©β   10 of 13

Fictitious Clancy addressed me across the snug table –

After coming through the University of Life is this all you have left to offer?

But look at me; I came through the school of hard knocks I proffer

I thought to myself this episode is going to be quite profound

Then Fic got up on his soap box – metaphorically speaking

Fic, now feeling very comfortable in his own skin – never minded when he had something to say if it was bettered by a little tweaking

So placing his pint to one side – he folded his arms and started to relate his latest offering –

Allow this knowledge course through your system – like life’s blood

Today may you have peace within, trust that you are where you are meant to be?

Use the gifts that have been bestowed on you, pass on your love for others to benefit from.

Share your talents with the world – they are endless.

Focussing on your goals will in effect make them happen – positive thoughts always.

Continue to draw from the endless well of peace – you are bound to inspire calmness in others.

Release all your fears by breathing in strength, express yourself in song and dance; we are all born with rhythm in our soul.

Those around you will profit in you living a happy and peaceful life.

Sometimes Fic even amazes himself by his profundity

Me – I’m just bowled over by his virtuosity

We finished up our medication! Which tasted like some more?

Called on Fiacra in his own time to oblige us and two more pour

We sat there discussing the problems of the world but gave up after two mouthfuls

Too heavy for mere mortals like us – like the atmosphere too many molecules

Anyway we sat there considering our next move – great game dominoes

Passes time for old fogies or so the story goes

So until we meet again from me and Fictitious Clancy

Hope we hit on something here that has tickled your fancy.