Sunday 28th April 2013.

Clancy, my Fictitious friend.

C. J. Black©β

Fictitious Clancy folded up his morning paper – smirked – and quietly said we are running out of ink

This statement took me by surprise – I did not know what to think

What makes you jump to that conclusion, this question I posed to him?

He said we’ve gone to the well too often – now it’s time to sink or swim

So I threw him this life-line – Let us bang our heads together allow our thoughts run free

We will write a proper poem you can rely on me

O.K. he said I’ll stand back and leave this one to you

But here’s the challenge – compose a poem comprised of the word flu.

So I sat down with a blank page relishing the task in hand

There’s nothing like a challenge to write something on demand

So I closed my mind to the outside world with no Fic to consult

All I hope is that you are pleased with the end result.

Streaming eyes,

Running nose,

Symptoms of flu

What to do?

Pill pop

Hope to stop

Cold sweat,

Sickly feeling

Head thumping

Major sneeze

Some ease,

Hot Toddy

Straight to bed

Duvet up – cover head

Next day throw a sickie

Then recover – One flu over.

Fic emerged waving a white handkerchief –

And declared – never again will I shy away from giving you a brief.

Thank you I said – will I tell you what I think?

There’s plenty of lead left in that pencil he said – with that smirk and that wink.

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