Monday 29th April 2013.

Clancy, my Fictitious friend.

C. J. Black©β  12 of 13.

I put this question to friend Fictitious Clancy – Your passion for life where do you get it from

He explained it like this – purpose – with aplomb

To say that my gast was flabbered by such a profound statement is telling you the absolute truth

As we sat in the snug supping pints Fic said let’s discuss Babe Ruth

Now you never know with Fic which avenue he was going to take

But I for one was always ready to counter his slip up or mistake

But Fic was nothing if not direct when something had to be pursued

I thought then why not throw him a curved ball – one that would leave him screwed

I said, ok drop the Babe Ruth thought and we’ll play a game of rings

See who’s still standing whenever the fat lady sings

It’s many moons ago since Fic and I threw rings in Ryan’s of Parnell Street

As we started to reminisce about the folks we used to meet

The competition that we had on the nights we’d gather there

We were all young and foolish then none of us with a care

We all had our (L) plates on at that stage of our lives

All free and single not a thought of partners or of wives

Good times had by one and all each time we gathered round

We all enjoyed having a bet, in for a penny in for a pound

All good clean fun with never a cross word spoken – the world was then a friendlier place

But here we are now well adjusted and surviving in this rat race

We sat there looking at one another and our nearly empty glasses

Fic said Fiacra fill them up again – when in good company how quickly time passes

We continued to reminisce and talk of years gone by

Then he nodded and tipped me that wink – Fictitious Clancy could you meet a nicer guy?