Tuesday 30th April 2013

Clancy, my fictitious friend.

C. J. Black©β  13 of 13.

What are you looking for asked a perplexed Fictitious Clancy?

Searching for an intellectual tickle I replied or something to tickle the readers fancy!!

I have no idea how he landed in my subconscious, but from frog spawn etc; etc; etc;

Hopefully I’ve joined all the dots

He is quite harmless really but then again, I’m assured leopards do at times change their spots.

You intellectual, smirked Fic Clancy

I’d hate to be your ventriloquist dummy I fancy

It wasn’t like Fic to be snide with his remarks

I told him in no uncertain manner, that out of 10 he’d deserve no marks

Fic was rather taken aback by this

Said he’d forget what I’d said and was willing to dismiss –

This bone of contention I seemingly had to pick with him

I said just a minute you started this discussion – now my patience was getting slim.

What to do to resolve this matter

Before this friendship I’m forced to shatter

Took myself to one side had a discussion on the subject

Thought about it long and hard – how to resolve it was my main object

I find when I have a problem to resolve

The best bet is to get lost in the record collection – watch the vinyl revolve

Fic Clancy and I have an eclectic collection

Depending on the mood determines the selection

More than likely start with Haggard followed closely by the late George Jones and some Mr. Tear Drop (Marty Robbins)

Then we’d beef it up a little with some classic vintage 60’s pop

A great way it must be said

To clear the mind and put quarrels to bed

Then when matters are thrashed out and resolved

We’d both agree a truce – problem solved

Fic would never be one to hold a grudge or leave a problem there to fester

If you were following his antics you’ll know he likes to play the court jester

So our discussion was on what caused this dilemma we find ourselves in

Fic said he heard a rumour that he was destined for the shred-it bin

I assured him this would not happen unless I was otherwise provoked

But for the time being he was destined for oblivion – unless, I joked

Those that who have followed thus far wish us to return and their fancies tickle

Me – I would never count my chickens – I’m a member of Joe Public I know to well the meaning of the word fickle!!!

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