Not quite the last post. C. J. Black.

Wednesday the 8th of May was the day I got the call

I had a Humpty Dumpty moment decided to jump before the fall

I started out last October wondering, how long will this last

Here I am 146 posts on; thanks to you all I had a blast

I guess they call it burn out never knew what it really meant

But I’ve come to realise it now, I’ll take rest and be content

I will be keeping tabs on what’s happening in the world of scribes

But I’ll not be tempted back before my time so forget about the bribes!!

Who knows I may pop up just to keep myself in touch?

But between this and then I’ll not post very much

I’ll use my time wisely catching up on books I’ve left unread

Give the keyboard fingers a rest – take proper exercise instead

I may even try my hand at writing proper poetry

That’ll be the day says you – but stranger things have happened believe you me

So as I’m coming close to the end of this foolscap page

The final curtain is being drawn; it’s time to leave the stage

So thank you for being a friend and with your permission

In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger I’ll be back, this is just the intermission.

C. J. Black©β

9th May 2013.




A World wide affliction? C. J. Black.

Sitting by an open fire with glass of wine in hand

Watching multi – coloured flickering flames, thinking this is a grand –

Way to spend an evening in total relaxation

While the world outside continues to suffer from so called starvation

You would imagine from news bulletins and reading newspaper headlines

That the world was going down the tubes if it didn’t meet certain deadlines

But then you switch on the evening news – watch them arrive like movie stars

These leaders of “bankrupt” countries, arriving in rather swanky cars

They are meeting at some palace, dining on sumptuous food

With never a thought of the lower class, how can they be so (c) rude?

Simple really when you think of it – its scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours

Pay them lip service pretend you care – they’ll lap it up the silly wh**es

Years of practice at lining those pockets made of silk

While all the time, all they think of is who else can we milk?

And then there are those in the building trade (not all)

Sitting in their ivory towers counting monies they have made –

Out of building ghost towns without planning permission or so the story goes

Leaving the poor innocent again with a lot more than a bloody nose

Then there are those in pin stripes – the untouchables it seems

Who will haunt us for our last few bob – shatter all our dreams?

Also there are the drug barons – dangerous games they continue to play

As they continue to covet their opponents patch – while innocent lives decay.

C.J. Black©β

8th May 2013

Considering a Sabbatical? C. J. Black.


A little voice cried inside my head

It really is time for a break

There really is no more to be said.

Make this promise to yourself, and then put this piece to bed

If you continue in this vain – your sanity is at stake

A little voice cried inside my head.

There is no point blaming yourself – it’s the processing which is dead

You will bounce back – the outlook is not all bleak

There really is no more to be said.

No point contemplating on it or filling your head with dread

When you do get your mojo back you’ll be on a winning streak

A little voice cried inside my head.

Until then take time out rest awhile instead

No one will cast blame or say he’s gone all meek

There is really no more to be said.

People would be foolish to think you you’d gone weak

I for one wouldn’t let something like that leak

There is really no more to be said

A little voice cried inside my head.

C. J. Black©β

7th May 2013.

I’m no Lawyer! C. J. Black.


Have you ever told a blatant lie this question was asked of me?

No but I’ve certainly circumnavigated the truth occasionally

I doubt there is a single person among the living or the dead

That has not told at least a white lie in something they’ve written or said

Which of us when asked to acknowledge that we have told a lie –

Will tell another just so that the questioner might pass us by

Bending the truth in order to get an advantage in life

Can only lead to causing you an accumulation of trouble and strife

I am a firm believer that the truth will always out

A lie will always cast a cloud, people will always cast doubt

Never be afraid of truth, always be up front

Shame the devil at all times, if you have to be – be blunt

People will admire you for this, this you must believe

Eventually you will be caught out if you continue to deceive

You will only get so far talking with forked tongue

No doubt finding yourself friendless before too long

Before I take my leave of you I have a confession to make

Perhaps you already know this – I’m not a poet I’m a fake

So if I should die before I wake I’ve got that off my chest

I can be interred in the knowledge I passed the lie detector test.

C. J. Black©β

6th May 2013.



Striving hard to succeed C. J. Black.

“Memory is the diary we all carry around with us” Oscar Wilde.

Striving hard to succeed

With my inner self I plead

Let me get words on a page

This will allow the reader engage

Then they may fully understand

That this poem has been truly planned

Not a figment of my imagination

But a concept built – yes a creation

Born out of a will to win

It started out a skeleton – this is its skin

I want it to be a success; I make no bones about it

A serious piece – not just a skit

Nerve racking it can be

Try I will until the nth degree

I will strive until I am satisfied

I’ll not give in, I’ll not be denied

It can be a lonely place my writing den

This has been said to me time and time again

But to me it is a place of rest

Once I step inside it’s as though I’m blessed

I get immediate inspiration

This dear friends, is my work station

There is a certain ritual which must be followed

This is my sanctuary into which no one is allowed

After I pull up my chair I don my thinking cap

Placing sentences I’ve written in what I call a word map

Checking them carefully until I find

Even one word which will kick start a thought

Never discard an idea thinking this will come to naught

Plant that seed, continue it to nourish

Your written work will, without a doubt flourish

Never entertain the thought this may read absurd

Fulfil your linguistic dreams word by perfect word.

C. J. Black©β

4th May 2013.




My other self C. J. Black.

I feel like I’m asphyxiating this isn’t very fair

Put in the effort or you will not be left up for air

I have a really hard task master of that there is no doubt

He has me locked inside this room – it’s a cellar, there’s no way out

The candle that he gave me is now down to a flicker

You can’t see the tears I’m shedding – I can’t go any quicker

He wants this poem finished and slipped underneath this door

There is no way out other than that – no one can hear my roar

I’ve been locked in here for days on end without a bite to eat

The fear within me at this present time – you could nearly hear my heart beat

It’s so hard to concentrate; my mind is in a mess

Does he care about me? Does he consider for one moment my stress?

It really does not bother him, he wants this task completed

He cares not a jot that at this time I feel totally defeated

But this candle is flickering and while I still have light

I’ll not let him defeat me I’ll continue to fight that fight

That demon inside my head will never get the better of me

I will complete this poem and keep my dignity.

C. J. Black©β

3rd May 2013.



Aiming for perfection – I’m always off target. C. J. Black

The life of a poet can be a lonely one

There is always a battle – a war to be won

From the recesses of the mind

You string words together to get out of a bind

Approaching each line with tentative ease

Hoping when you conclude there’ll be something there to please

I would never be that presumptuous as to think –

That what I write someone may say, his poems really stink

There is no accounting for how people will react

I must prefer honesty that is a fact

It is much easier to accept criticism which is direct

In the long run this has to have more effect

One can learn from people who are straight and forthright

Who are in no way afraid to offer an insight –

On how to improve your writing skill

Which you take on board and can’t wait until

You have a chance this skill to hone

Rewrite this poem without as much as a moan

It may take several attempts to bring it to an end

You can then be pleased with yourself and the poem you’ve penned

Once you give it wings and it has taken flight

It will either flourish or fade completely out of sight

This is something over which you have no control

This if the truth were known is better for you on the whole –

You have weaved your words, your tale you’ve spun

Yes the life of a poet is a lonely one.

C. J. Black

2nd May 2013.





Dare I elaborate? C. J. Black

It is quite amazing what one word will do

When I heard that word uttered it was then I knew

A poem of sorts would have to be written in honour of that word

This whole concept made sense to me – to you it may seem absurd

But I tell you truly I care not how you may react

Because I’m bent on writing this poem – now that’s a simple fact

I’m not being at all tetchy although it may seem that way

It’s just how I am wording this poem in what I’m trying to say

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to phrase lines in such a way they don’t offend

I will try and get it right before I reach the end

Conversation sure has a way of getting people involved

In the general happenings of a particular day or how wars might be resolved

There are two topics I shy away from – people’s politics and their religion

For no matter how much you debate on them – you will never change their decision

Also I will never get involved with a drunk at a public bar

Unless that is he makes his way out and attempts to drive his car.

Returning to the task in hand – that attempt a poem to compose

That word I heard uttered – Honestly I really can’t disclose.

C. J. Black©β

1st May 2013.