Dare I elaborate? C. J. Black

It is quite amazing what one word will do

When I heard that word uttered it was then I knew

A poem of sorts would have to be written in honour of that word

This whole concept made sense to me – to you it may seem absurd

But I tell you truly I care not how you may react

Because I’m bent on writing this poem – now that’s a simple fact

I’m not being at all tetchy although it may seem that way

It’s just how I am wording this poem in what I’m trying to say

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to phrase lines in such a way they don’t offend

I will try and get it right before I reach the end

Conversation sure has a way of getting people involved

In the general happenings of a particular day or how wars might be resolved

There are two topics I shy away from – people’s politics and their religion

For no matter how much you debate on them – you will never change their decision

Also I will never get involved with a drunk at a public bar

Unless that is he makes his way out and attempts to drive his car.

Returning to the task in hand – that attempt a poem to compose

That word I heard uttered – Honestly I really can’t disclose.

C. J. Black©β

1st May 2013.