My other self C. J. Black.

I feel like I’m asphyxiating this isn’t very fair

Put in the effort or you will not be left up for air

I have a really hard task master of that there is no doubt

He has me locked inside this room – it’s a cellar, there’s no way out

The candle that he gave me is now down to a flicker

You can’t see the tears I’m shedding – I can’t go any quicker

He wants this poem finished and slipped underneath this door

There is no way out other than that – no one can hear my roar

I’ve been locked in here for days on end without a bite to eat

The fear within me at this present time – you could nearly hear my heart beat

It’s so hard to concentrate; my mind is in a mess

Does he care about me? Does he consider for one moment my stress?

It really does not bother him, he wants this task completed

He cares not a jot that at this time I feel totally defeated

But this candle is flickering and while I still have light

I’ll not let him defeat me I’ll continue to fight that fight

That demon inside my head will never get the better of me

I will complete this poem and keep my dignity.

C. J. Black©β

3rd May 2013.