Striving hard to succeed C. J. Black.

“Memory is the diary we all carry around with us” Oscar Wilde.

Striving hard to succeed

With my inner self I plead

Let me get words on a page

This will allow the reader engage

Then they may fully understand

That this poem has been truly planned

Not a figment of my imagination

But a concept built – yes a creation

Born out of a will to win

It started out a skeleton – this is its skin

I want it to be a success; I make no bones about it

A serious piece – not just a skit

Nerve racking it can be

Try I will until the nth degree

I will strive until I am satisfied

I’ll not give in, I’ll not be denied

It can be a lonely place my writing den

This has been said to me time and time again

But to me it is a place of rest

Once I step inside it’s as though I’m blessed

I get immediate inspiration

This dear friends, is my work station

There is a certain ritual which must be followed

This is my sanctuary into which no one is allowed

After I pull up my chair I don my thinking cap

Placing sentences I’ve written in what I call a word map

Checking them carefully until I find

Even one word which will kick start a thought

Never discard an idea thinking this will come to naught

Plant that seed, continue it to nourish

Your written work will, without a doubt flourish

Never entertain the thought this may read absurd

Fulfil your linguistic dreams word by perfect word.

C. J. Black©β

4th May 2013.