I’m no Lawyer! C. J. Black.


Have you ever told a blatant lie this question was asked of me?

No but I’ve certainly circumnavigated the truth occasionally

I doubt there is a single person among the living or the dead

That has not told at least a white lie in something they’ve written or said

Which of us when asked to acknowledge that we have told a lie –

Will tell another just so that the questioner might pass us by

Bending the truth in order to get an advantage in life

Can only lead to causing you an accumulation of trouble and strife

I am a firm believer that the truth will always out

A lie will always cast a cloud, people will always cast doubt

Never be afraid of truth, always be up front

Shame the devil at all times, if you have to be – be blunt

People will admire you for this, this you must believe

Eventually you will be caught out if you continue to deceive

You will only get so far talking with forked tongue

No doubt finding yourself friendless before too long

Before I take my leave of you I have a confession to make

Perhaps you already know this – I’m not a poet I’m a fake

So if I should die before I wake I’ve got that off my chest

I can be interred in the knowledge I passed the lie detector test.

C. J. Black©β

6th May 2013.



6 thoughts on “I’m no Lawyer! C. J. Black.

      1. Much better – thanks! Spring rushed into Philly with a vengeance, but the worst is over now. 🙂


      2. Good news, nature has its way of biting back at us even if we are not the ones causing damage to the environment, it is not fair having to suffer for the sins of others?


  1. I hold my hand up, CJ, I may have circumnavigated the truth once or twice to be nice… 😉 … but an outright black lie, well, as you say so well in your poem, one who speaketh with forked tongue, may end up getting it tightly knotted… and how can that be explained eh?… (Just tried speaking without using my tongue, ’tis an impossibility… 😉 ) xx


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