A World wide affliction? C. J. Black.

Sitting by an open fire with glass of wine in hand

Watching multi – coloured flickering flames, thinking this is a grand –

Way to spend an evening in total relaxation

While the world outside continues to suffer from so called starvation

You would imagine from news bulletins and reading newspaper headlines

That the world was going down the tubes if it didn’t meet certain deadlines

But then you switch on the evening news – watch them arrive like movie stars

These leaders of “bankrupt” countries, arriving in rather swanky cars

They are meeting at some palace, dining on sumptuous food

With never a thought of the lower class, how can they be so (c) rude?

Simple really when you think of it – its scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours

Pay them lip service pretend you care – they’ll lap it up the silly wh**es

Years of practice at lining those pockets made of silk

While all the time, all they think of is who else can we milk?

And then there are those in the building trade (not all)

Sitting in their ivory towers counting monies they have made –

Out of building ghost towns without planning permission or so the story goes

Leaving the poor innocent again with a lot more than a bloody nose

Then there are those in pin stripes – the untouchables it seems

Who will haunt us for our last few bob – shatter all our dreams?

Also there are the drug barons – dangerous games they continue to play

As they continue to covet their opponents patch – while innocent lives decay.

C.J. Black©β

8th May 2013

2 thoughts on “A World wide affliction? C. J. Black.

  1. there are apparently only a few people living on this Earth, Cj, a few hundred say. who consider ‘they’ are the elite, the money makers , the ones with power and influence… So who are we to put them straight? They’ll surely find out in the long run, we are all equal, (but some more equal than others … 😉 ) x


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