Not quite the last post. C. J. Black.

Wednesday the 8th of May was the day I got the call

I had a Humpty Dumpty moment decided to jump before the fall

I started out last October wondering, how long will this last

Here I am 146 posts on; thanks to you all I had a blast

I guess they call it burn out never knew what it really meant

But I’ve come to realise it now, I’ll take rest and be content

I will be keeping tabs on what’s happening in the world of scribes

But I’ll not be tempted back before my time so forget about the bribes!!

Who knows I may pop up just to keep myself in touch?

But between this and then I’ll not post very much

I’ll use my time wisely catching up on books I’ve left unread

Give the keyboard fingers a rest – take proper exercise instead

I may even try my hand at writing proper poetry

That’ll be the day says you – but stranger things have happened believe you me

So as I’m coming close to the end of this foolscap page

The final curtain is being drawn; it’s time to leave the stage

So thank you for being a friend and with your permission

In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger I’ll be back, this is just the intermission.

C. J. Black©β

9th May 2013.