The Thug # A Weekly Offering. C. J. Black. (3)

Flash Fiction? – Perhaps not.

The Thug – Only one thing on his mind, violence and destruction,

after my encounter with him I had facial reconstruction.

When the paramedics arrived I guess the first thing they saw –

Was that my head had been used as a football; I had a completely shattered jaw.


The Thug, was caught and sentenced for what he had done to me,

three months he got for the violent act – much too short, I hope you agree.


I was still hospitalised when he was set free to roam,

when I was pronounced well enough to leave, I had to face home alone.

Living in close proximity to where Thug has a home

was not the ideal scenario – I was far from being adventuresome.


The fear of meeting Thug again should haunt me night and day,

But I will stand and fight for justice –

Show Thug and his like – they can’t have it all their own way.

C. J. Black©β

24th June 2013.


The Hobo #A Weekly Offering C. J. Black. (2)

The “Hobo”


If you wanted to find me I thought –

How could you?


Last night I slept in the back of a burned out car

I had also slept in the shelter of a doorway – number 69.


On another occasion I slept in a bus shelter for the number 34

I sat in a coffee shop yesterday until I was asked to leave – they knew where I was!


Yesterday I made a silent collection

No money was dropped in my tin mug.


If you did want to find me – it’s raining where I am

If you wanted to, where could you write to me – c/o a doss house somewhere?


You could ring me later; I’m sleeping in a phone box tonight

Sometimes I go back and sleep under the same bridge, I feel safe there.


The people on the soup run know me – well they think they do – but really my name’s not John!

I’m beginning to think my name has been changed to Move On –

As I’m constantly being referred to as move on good man?


If I wanted to find you, how would I go about it?

You never left a forwarding address when you walked out on me.

C. J. Black©β

Monday, 17th June 2013.




# A Weekly Offering. C. J. Black. (1)

Writers Fatigue

On the 9th May last I went on a writer’s diet

While it worked for me I can’t recommend others try it.

It wasn’t burnout I suffered from – but what’s referred to as writers’ fatigue

I could find nothing more to write about, nothing to intrigue.

Mentally and physically I felt I had to de-clutter

This assisted me in finding the freedom to utter words instead of splutter.

Some people amaze me by the discipline they show

By being able to write daily – have a seamless flow.

From the outset I never put pressure on myself nor was I pressurised

I just enjoyed the discipline – in fact I was pleasantly surprised –

That I could find something to write about

It was never going to be ground breaking of that there was no doubt.

But once I got it out of my system and gave it its so called freedom

I returned to my writing den – which when I’m writing is my kingdom.

Since weaning myself off of my diet I’ve had an avalanche of thought

Which I was pleasantly surprised by, as I though I would end up with naught

So even though I’m in my dotage, I’ll continue to challenge myself

Pushing on to bigger and better things, I’m not yet ready for the top shelf.

Second time round I’ve a plan in mind – a structure you might say

It might last a week or two, then again it might last a day.

I’m happy to be back writing, on an even keel

I’ve gone through the ritual; I’ve pinched myself, this is for real.

C. J. Black©β

   10th June 2013.