The Hobo #A Weekly Offering C. J. Black. (2)

The “Hobo”


If you wanted to find me I thought –

How could you?


Last night I slept in the back of a burned out car

I had also slept in the shelter of a doorway – number 69.


On another occasion I slept in a bus shelter for the number 34

I sat in a coffee shop yesterday until I was asked to leave – they knew where I was!


Yesterday I made a silent collection

No money was dropped in my tin mug.


If you did want to find me – it’s raining where I am

If you wanted to, where could you write to me – c/o a doss house somewhere?


You could ring me later; I’m sleeping in a phone box tonight

Sometimes I go back and sleep under the same bridge, I feel safe there.


The people on the soup run know me – well they think they do – but really my name’s not John!

I’m beginning to think my name has been changed to Move On –

As I’m constantly being referred to as move on good man?


If I wanted to find you, how would I go about it?

You never left a forwarding address when you walked out on me.

C. J. Black©β

Monday, 17th June 2013.