The Thug # A Weekly Offering. C. J. Black. (3)

Flash Fiction? – Perhaps not.

The Thug – Only one thing on his mind, violence and destruction,

after my encounter with him I had facial reconstruction.

When the paramedics arrived I guess the first thing they saw –

Was that my head had been used as a football; I had a completely shattered jaw.


The Thug, was caught and sentenced for what he had done to me,

three months he got for the violent act – much too short, I hope you agree.


I was still hospitalised when he was set free to roam,

when I was pronounced well enough to leave, I had to face home alone.

Living in close proximity to where Thug has a home

was not the ideal scenario – I was far from being adventuresome.


The fear of meeting Thug again should haunt me night and day,

But I will stand and fight for justice –

Show Thug and his like – they can’t have it all their own way.

C. J. Black©β

24th June 2013.