# A Weekly Offering. C. J. Black. (4)

Keep a cool head.


The call could be heard again and again

Continue to fight, it won’t be in vain.


But when you feel like you have fallen out of favour with the world

And the milk you poured in your coffee has just gone and curdled

Sit upright take a deep breath it’s bound to turn out right

It’s not your business, remember that your efforts have to be lauded you have been upright.


There really is none as blind as those who can not see

Looking at the world through rose tinted glasses people tend to see things differently

Honesty is the best policy when dealing with wheelers and dealers

I learned this lesson long ago when playing marbles with ball bearing steelers.

C. J. Black©β

1st July 2013.



4 thoughts on “# A Weekly Offering. C. J. Black. (4)

    1. Like the (Focus) must work on that. Thanks for the comment, falling a bit behind in my reading at the moment, sometimes there are not enough hours in the day – better to be busy I guess than trying to punch in hours.


  1. Good advice! Thanks. I had a few of those days last week and the week before. this is another one of your posts I’ll be printing out and saving.


    1. Thanks Fransi, falling behind in my replying/reading but will catch up, printing/saving my scribbles = adding to the clutter? But thank you for the compliment, all the “burning the midnight oil” is doing some good – you might even create a book out of all this nonsense?


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