# A Weekly Offering. C. J. Black. (5)

Not a Daffodil poem.

I’m not at all green fingered; now the world doesn’t need to know

That everywhere I’d sow a flower seed – a big weed would grow.

The alternative to this is no better – the thought of it gives me a nervous tick

They are hideous – well at least I think so – those flowers made out of plastic.

For years, I lived not a stones throw away from Dublin’s Botanical Gardens

Still don’t know my Aspidistras from my Rhododendrons.

Also in Dublin we have the Phoenix Park, a place where you can walk for miles

Where you’d never see or smell a flower – nothing only happy smiles.

Then they go and ruin it and invent this thing called Bloom

Which if you suffer from hay fever – it’s a place of doom and gloom!

Just incase you are in anyway distracted, this is a flower poem of sorts

I tell you there is no escaping them – even when on the beach, they adorn summer short.

You’ve seen them; I know you have, dressed in their Hawaiian gear

Honestly I tell you; from a stone they’d draw a tear.

On saying all that I must confess – I have no problem at all

To sit in a room where flower abound – once they’re hanging on a wall!

There are lots of flower poems out there; there is even one about the Daffodil

If I were ever to meet its author – he would know that looks can kill.

So in conclusion may I suggest – holiday in pollen country by all means

But make sure you are well stocked up on antihistamines.

C. J. Black©β

8th July 2013.

9 thoughts on “# A Weekly Offering. C. J. Black. (5)

  1. ha. luckily i dont have a pollen allergy…but i do have a son with one…your close made me chuckle…the look at the daffodil poet…luckily poems are not scratch and sniff…nor covered in pollen….smiles.. i like your straightforwardness…

    thanks for popping in at dverse as well…


    1. Cheers Brian, will catch up later with posts – must try and get involved in D’Verse if I can find my way through the entry door – me and technology are not very compatible.



  2. haha…oy i hear you on the hayfever….for me it’s the grass that causes hayfever and luckily it blooms only for a short time…. no big deal if you don’t know the name of the flowers you know…just invent new ones….smiles… oh…i have dandelion seeds in my poem…so in case you visit…don’t forget your hanky…smiles


    1. Many thanks Victoria for dropping by and your kind comments – you can go ahead and link my poem with your garden photos I would be honoured, will drop by later for a stroll through your garden photos.


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