# A Weekly Offering. C. J. Black. (6)

Nonsense Poem


What is it about cupboards that give skeletons a fright?

The fact that they are entering the unknown perhaps?

Not something that they want to pick bones with one another about, would I be right?

They must stand upright and face their ghosts they are no addition when in a state of collapse.


I’ve heard it said that there is no future in time travel

Still I like to holiday abroad

It is not something I ponder on – not something I try to unravel

One other thing confuses me though – why did the chicken cross the road?


Amazing things swirl around in my head

To write them down I always feel inclined

Such as, genius, is the talent of a person who is dead

You are standing on your soapbox – no one pays attention until you break wind.


C. J. Black©β

15/07/13 09.17.43




5 thoughts on “# A Weekly Offering. C. J. Black. (6)

  1. ah yes, CJ, what swirls about the brain gives comfort to many, for they can then say without a doubt, ‘me too’ (but not the breaking wind on a soapbox, just expelling hot air more my line 😉 ) xx


      1. Ah compliments – I store them up for that rainy day when doom and gloom ascends – hopefully I’ll be snowed under by them before that happens, but then again who knows – maybe starting in the nexy nano second nobody will be talking to me except myself.


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