A – Z challenge # A Weekly Offering C. J. Black. (8)


A –Z Challenge




Alone with my thoughts


Blindingly obvious what is expected of this




Dutifully I sit myself down


Escape into my fantasy world




Grabbing fast at the opportunity.


Have an idea for this piece.


Indeed if I don’t succeed with


Journey –


Keep your distance –


Leave me alone –




Nerves will be on edge


Occasional utterances may turn the air blue


Plus copious glasses of wine may be imbibed.


Questions will be asked why


Results were not forthcoming to complete this A-Z.




Talking loudly at the reflection in the mirror




Verily I say unto you


WordPress really can urge you on to bigger and better things.


Xi for those interested is the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet


You knew that already – well clever you


Zonked after all that wine – Ah for some ZZZZZ’s




C. J. Black∁β




This was written in reply to a post by Fransi Weinstein


28th July 2013 who suggested I put it up as a post, do check out her much heralded Blog.


You may just be prompted to take up the A-Z challenge.








4 thoughts on “A – Z challenge # A Weekly Offering C. J. Black. (8)

  1. teriffic! I loved this and thought it was a great prompt as well as a great poem, very clever and good fun, well done! I might have to have a stab at this too *grins* keep smiling and keep writing, best wishes from Baldy 🙂


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