# A Weekly Offering. C. J. Black. (10)


Today was to be a very fruitful day
I decided on waking and seeing daybreak
To write a poem that had only positive things to say
I hoped in my hearts of hearts this wasn’t a big mistake.

Then I went and ruined the calmness
I switched on the 6am news
What the newsreader had to say turned daylight into darkness
Nothing to report from the 4 corners of the world except – murder, mayhem and abuse.

I asked myself silently what can I do – a tiny voice answered it is good to pray
So for those contemplating further atrocities’ – ask yourself the reason why
Today was to be a very fruitful day
Leaders, together locate that round table, discuss and war decry.

C. J. Black∁β
12/08/2013 06:19:33

13 thoughts on “# A Weekly Offering. C. J. Black. (10)

  1. Hear, hear!! I absolutely love this. You should send it in to your daily newspaper. This is a message that should be seen by many people.


  2. ah – the news is always bad news – and each day is a good day to change the world… just read a quote by anne frank who said: How wonderful it is
    that nobody need wait a single moment
    before starting to improve the world …. and the good thing is, we don’t even have to be leaders…


  3. very cool piece…i really like the progression of it….ugh, the news is def not the place to go to find anything of a positive story…i do think prayer could help…and esp for those leaders…that they might actually try to work together toward something better for all….


  4. The news will always bring us black that removes the positive… and every effort to focus on the positive becomes hard to swallow… Unfortunately focusing on the negative gives the whole wrong perception and influence our thoughts to much… and we bring it with us when we vote….


  5. The news can be overwhelmingly despairing if you look in all the ‘right’ places.
    The news can be positively uplifting if you look in all the ‘right’ places.
    A thoughtful write, I think.
    I’m glad I looked here.


    1. I’m so glad you looked here also Jeff, thank you for dropping by, I will be sure to check in with you later – good news never sold newspapers I guess – I do look in the ‘right’ places also and find good news, must try and compose something in honour of good news – thanks for the prompt.


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