# A Weekly Offering. (11) C. J. Black.


It’s just a poem.




Here’s the dilemma I find myself in


Do I publish all this “stuff” I’ve written or ditch it all in the bin?


I seem to be churning out more than I can handle


If I took it to the shredder would it really be a scandal?


The other option open to me is to get it into print


One of the drawbacks I see in this, it would cost me a solid mint.




Pure speculation on my part I know


But what satisfaction, to see your efforts on show


Just imagine, your own book of poems on sale for the public to purchase


Before this could ever happen to me you will see pigs flying in space


That is of course unless there’s somebody out there


Who’s willing to take a chance to publish and the profits share?




Before I reach my 200th WordPress published piece


I’ll have considered whether to continue or whether I should cease


I’d continue to write for my own satisfaction


If I don’t get some sort of a positive reaction


It’s not like I want to be famous or become a millionaire


But if I did, I promise I’d learn to swagger with flair.


OK so I’m really now getting into fantasy land


This is not how this poem was at all really planned


But as I have now set out my stall


I’ll go ahead and publish it, for I do recall –


A friend once saying to me why not write a book of poems for the “craic”


Now I’ve thrown out a feeler so there’s no going back.




C. J. Black∁β


19/08/2013 08:49:34









15 thoughts on “# A Weekly Offering. (11) C. J. Black.

  1. Hey Chris…just no there is no rush to publish unless you feel you are ready to publish… I myself am still unpublished I am close to my 500th WP post and I don’t really think about publishing except for brief moments. Myself, I have no real desire to publish beyond my blog but if you are interested you should start talking to the many self published authors on WP… it would appear an eBook can be published relatively cheaply for close to next to nothing.


    1. Cheers TJ, it was a mad rush of blood to the head, no frustration or anything like that just had to get it out of the system, once the bird had flown I was back to the drawing board scribbling away, you know the feeling yourself a mans gotta do what a mans goota do – just in case the Ladies present think I’m ignoring them – not at all consider yourselves included.
      I expect on reaching the 500th we will all together as a family raise a glass in your honour – remember to keep us posted.



    1. Really, I was just having one of my grey moments when writing this but recovered shortly afterwards.

      As for your writing I’m sure publishers would be knocking down your door to get you into print, you have a magic way with words – eBook publishing has been suggested to me by two followers both of whom I’d great faith in as the way to go


  2. Publish or not publish who knows. I never in my life considered such a thing but when you read so many posts about it ti makes me wonder. However then I just open my laptop and write another post and forget about doing everything else. I just love writing.


    1. That urge is long past – was having a grey moment that particular day – no doubt it will return in some guise I’ll deal with that when it happens and let you know what transpires.


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