From the scribblings of – C. J. Black

Ode to an Irish summer?

Rain hopping off the window pane – black dark @ 21:30 – Irish summer
Holidaying in a mobile home surely is no fun
B_B_Q still in boot of car – this really is a bummer
Consolation I guess – holiday nearly over instead of just begun.

The grammarians will be out in force with fire in their eyes
But do I really give a monkeys – sure as hell not
A nod now is as good as a wink – they’d steer clear if they were wise
Because at this moment with blood boiling I am hot to trot.

There is always somebody out there ready to nit pick
They are well advised to steer clear of me when we get bad weather
For not alone will they get a tongue lashing I’ll also give them some stick
(Following morning) –
Oh look the clouds have parted the sun is peeping through – time to contemplate the naval and pull myself together.
C. J. Black∁β
21/08/2013 21:43:04


2 thoughts on “From the scribblings of – C. J. Black

  1. Visiting Ireland is near the top of my bucket list. I lived in Brittany for awhile and remember trying to schedule a picnic and having to put it off several times until we decided just to go ahead and have it in the rain!


    1. I believe it’s called acclimatising? we are well used to it, as I write it is a beautiful morning had my constitutional about 2hrs ago ready to face the rigours of the day and what ever the weather brings – thanks again for the visit.



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