# A Weekly Offering. (12) C. J. Black.

At your wits end.

When you are at your lowest, this is not the time to quit
Stick to your guns fight the good fight when you’re hardest hit
You will turn failure on its head and turn things about
The battle will not be easily won – you will defeat it have no doubt.

These words came to me while sitting in a hospital ward
Medical staff tending to their duties – suddenly, someone pulls an emergency chord
A patient who is quite delirious shouts for their assistance
Feeling inadequate I moved away wishing to keep my distance.

It is only when witnessing actions like this at first hand
You appreciate fully the medics workload – their response, you’d think was planned
The patience that they show for each individual patient –
Florence Nightingales they all are each from heaven sent.

C. J. Black∁β
26/08/2013 09:07:52

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