From the scribblings of – C. J. Black.

All in a nights work. Flash Fiction. C. J. Black.
It was a nice quiet pleasant summers evening and as calm as could be expected in the confines of a hospital A & E department, but that was soon to change.
20.45 saw the arrival of an ambulance, the crew alighted and escorted their patient to the A & E reception desk. The person in question was well known to all staff members especially those at the Psychiatric Department, from his earlier visits.
As he was seated in a reserved area awaiting medical attention he was noted, as being quite ill at ease, security cameras had him under observation.
But as luck or ill luck would have it the attention of the security team was diverted by an incident in the vicinity of triage room.
While dealing with this situation, a member of the security team was alerted to a problem at the coffee shop in an area away from the A & E dept. by panic alarm activation, on reaching the area it was observed that this patient had got himself behind the service counter where Gemma & Eve, (not their real names) the two young staff members stood petrified.
As the officer in question had dealt with this individual before he was aware of the correct approach to take, taking the patient to one side they both sat and had a coffee and a brief chat, when the situation had calmed down, the officer left the patient to go and speak with both girls who were still in a state of shock.
After speaking with them for a few moments it became clear what the problem was, they informed him that the patient wanted to know if he presented them with his wife’s heart and liver would they do them in the microwave for him.
After making the appropriate phone call it was decided the two young ladies should be allowed off duty, they spent half an hour in the company of the hospital Chaplain before leaving for home.
The officer escorted a now calm patient back to the patient support room where they remained until the medical team accessed him.
While in the room the officer had to listen while the patient poured out his heart, he was telling how for the past few nights he could not sleep as each time he closed his eyes a vision of the devil would appear at the foot of his bed telling him if he went to sleep that he would die.
He proceeded to talk /ramble, saying that for breakfast that particular morning he had a joint, some pills, washed down by a large tumbler of whiskey – the officer thought to himself, He wonders then why he feels so depressed.
Finally, the time came for the patient to be assessed, it was while this was in progress that the police arrived, they had been alerted to an incident at a nearby neighbouring house of the patient, and on arrival made this grim discovery.
Two naked brutalised bodies lay on the kitchen floor, they would appear to have suffered a horrific death.
While back at the hospital the assessment continued, the psychiatric doctor, patient, and the security officer, oblivious to the fact of what was going on at the A & E reception desk.
It had taken what seemed an eternity but was really all of 20 minutes for a bed to be readied and medication prepared for the arrival of their patient to the psychiatric ward.
The police, after talks with the A & E consultant agreed to wait until the next day to question the patient, who they felt was really in no fit state to be interviewed by police or others for that matter.
Now that the Psychiatric department had been alerted to the fact that they may have a suspected killer on their hands the usual procedure had to be changed. The patient was ushered into the safe room where all actions could be monitored on camera by staff members.
Even though there was nothing to prove that their patient had anything to do with the death of what now turned out to be the bodies of two young married women, a policeman was detailed to sit by the secure room in the psychiatric department, questioning would take place in due course.
While back at the scene of the crime the investigation was under way.
Working through the uncommon quietness of the night, day break brought the sound of bird song, and the noise the extra volume of traffic made, as commuters made their way to work totally oblivious of what was going on behind the cordoned off area where the pathologist and other relevant bodies were carrying out their various duties.
Trying hard to establish some motive for this heinous crime, while others combed the area for the weapon or weapons that may have been used, or any clue that might lead them to discover the reason for such brutal killings.

C. J. Black∁β
28/08/2013 17:22:44
A wholly fictitious piece, any semblance of reality is just that. My attempt at a flash fiction piece warts and all, can be dissected, edited, added to or subtracted from by those interested, with more knowledge than I in this genre. I believe it’s called a collaboration?
Feel free in your comments to be as critical as you wish, otherwise I will never know whether I have done right or wrong. It’s a bad day that one does not learn something new. C. J. Black.

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