# A Weekly Offering. C. J. Black. (10)


Today was to be a very fruitful day
I decided on waking and seeing daybreak
To write a poem that had only positive things to say
I hoped in my hearts of hearts this wasn’t a big mistake.

Then I went and ruined the calmness
I switched on the 6am news
What the newsreader had to say turned daylight into darkness
Nothing to report from the 4 corners of the world except – murder, mayhem and abuse.

I asked myself silently what can I do – a tiny voice answered it is good to pray
So for those contemplating further atrocities’ – ask yourself the reason why
Today was to be a very fruitful day
Leaders, together locate that round table, discuss and war decry.

C. J. Black∁β
12/08/2013 06:19:33

Breakfast – but the larder’s bare # A Weekly Offering. C. J. Black (9)

Buddy can you spare a dime?

(Another day) A little more in debt
Even the $ as in (another) – has been dropped so you can see we’re nearly bet.

But fear not there are better times ahead
So rise and shine – reach for the stars and get out of that bed.

Breakfast – but the larders bare?
Please don’t look at me with that down in the mouth blank stare.

I am not to blame for this economic crisis
Bankers and politicians are the cause of this.

Do they sit down each morning try to eat flowers off of an empty plate?
You bet your bottom $ they don’t – we do because we’re straight.

It appears to be, the more crooked you are the wealthier you get
But try to earn an honest buck – to work you won’t be let.

They squeeze you until you have no more to give
How the hell do they, expect you to live?

Each day you scour the papers in search of a job
Nothing, nothing on offer – you hide your face and sob.
What is one expected to do? Will tomorrow be the same?
It will, and for years to come we’ll continue to be – the ones who suffer – for this crash, again, were we to blame?

Of course not but the consequences of it we continue to suffer
But survive we will – we’ll not quit of this I can proffer.

Go ahead you in authority bury the knife between our shoulder blades
We’ll rise from the ashes of this, get back on our feet – cast our votes against your like for decades upon decades.

C. J. Black∁β
31/07/2013 14:05:20