# A Weekly Offering. (13) C. J. Black.

How to write a rubbish poem in one easy lesson.

It’s all about discipline or so I have been told
I’m speaking of this writing lark once it gets a hold
It helps relax the body is sure to put you in good mood
Keeps you alert, energises you, for the brain it is good food?

Having to continuously think of the next word in sequence
Helps when writing dialogue for the reader that makes sense?
Many a time I write what I consider to be a finished piece
But after several re-reads it’s put away as tensions within increase.

For it really makes no sense at all what I’m trying to compose
Will I ever get it right? Not this time I propose
See what happens when you lack concentration and allow your mind to roam
You end up with a mish mash instead of a credible poem.

C. J. Black∁β 01/09/2013 00:54:22