The Man in Black. C. J. Black.

Johnny Cash. 1932 – 2003. C. J. Black.

At Dublin’s Olympia Theatre in November ’88 he appeared – that Country Music Sage
It was a privilege to be there when he graced that stage.

Along with his band of troubadours and that guitar slung across his back
He was adored by one and all – John R. Cash – The Man in Black.

I guess each time he stood centre stage or entered into a room
His audience would wait with baited breath for that sound – BOOM CHICKA BOOM.

Then when that sound of silence would be filled with that awesome voice
His audience would sit enthralled, regardless of his song choice.

A man of enormous stature who was in no way brash
Like us all he had his sceptics, that man called Johnny Cash.

But no matter what your culture, religion or your creed
The Man in Black had a word for all whether in jail or just in need.
The Cash – Carter combination that blossomed through the years
Ended on a sad day in May ’03 amid sorrow and bitter tears.

But from that fruitful union there did blossom forth
Another talented generation to show the world their worth.

Then it came, that September day, he passed onto a greater stage
Johnny Cash the Man in Black, that man of classic vintage.

He’s passed over now and will not be back – for services rendered we give thanks, that he came and stood among us –

That man of many talents – Johnny Cash – The Man in Black.

C. J. Black∁β
September 2003.

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