Back on Terra Firma – C. J. Black.

A Madeiran thought.


I just had a “brainwave” while on holiday relaxing

Nothing too strenuous though, nothing too taxing

Sitting here taking in the sights enjoying my steak on the stone

I thought why not write a few lines – as it’s something to which your prone

Sitting here 10 floors up watching the world go by

Not a breeze, not a cloud but plenty of blue sky

Down on the Marina a cruise ship is about to dock

All on board eagerly waiting to disembark and take stock

Eager beavers you might say land “lubbers” one and all

Leaving their sea legs in their cabins hoping they can recall –

How to walk on dry land after many days at sea

Not a holiday I’d wish to take I’d much rather be –

Sitting off people watching making decisions on my own

And maybe it would inspire me to attempt to write a poem.


C. J. Black                        

27/09/2013 20:44:07


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