A forever memory. C. J. Black.

A forever memory.


In secret we agreed to meet

After long years apart, I wondered, how would we greet?

For what seemed like an eternity we stood face to face

We then fell into each other’s warm embrace.


Suddenly, there were floods of salty tears

They in turn washed away all our hidden fears

Through the soft rain we walked, hand in hand

Gently touching each other’s wedding bands.


It was many years since we parted

Both of us now broken hearted

Our meeting would be but brief

One departed, the others sorrow was beyond belief.


C. J. Black                        


7 thoughts on “A forever memory. C. J. Black.

    1. A heavy question for this hour of the morning Fransi – many thanks for your comments while I was absent from the scene, hope the health continues to be well with you, I’m off now to try and catch up on what went on in blogsville while I was away. Oh and feel free to use any part of my scribbling’s you wish.


  1. This comment is not on any one poem on your page but on all. I love the light-hearted feel and the diversity of your subject matter. You’re also great on rhyme and meter and it sounds as if you’re having great fun. Forever Memory touches a chord. A beautiful expression.


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