Back on Terra Firma#2 C. J. Black.

A Madeiran thought #2

Sitting here still people watching10 floors above the earth –
Look there’s a seldom seen specimen – a lady in a skirt.

All the other sunbeds are taken up by ladies in bikinis
All shapes and sizes – big and teeny weenies.

A sight for sore eyes it must be said –
Thank you whoever you are for inventing the sunbed.

While I am basking in the sunshine out on the patio
Young and old splash about in the swimming pool below.

I tell you my Jack Daniels sitting neatly by my elbow in the shade
Will not be long of this world until I have another made.

For what use is an empty glass when it should be at all times half full
And the longer it stays that way – the more I will write bull!!

C. J. Black∁β
16th September 2013.