Morning has broken. C. J. Black.

Morning has broken.
By C. J. Black.

Opening out the windows, to allow the fresh air in
Feel it, gently caressing face, hair and exposed skin.

The sound of silence – something to behold
You wonder silently to yourself – how will your day unfold.

Accept we must, whatever is in God’s plan
Whatever arises on the day we will do the best we can.

No point getting perplexed if things don’t go our way
Everything will fall into place, by the close of the day.

Closing out the night light as we draw the blinds
Relaxing into the easy chair parking thoughts of the daily grinds.

Lose yourself in that book or your favourite T.V. show
Morning will arrive too soon – what it will bring you just don’t know.

Good tidings will be yours, always live in hope
Irrespective of what faces you – you are strong enough to cope.

C. J. Black∁β
01/10/2013 11:10:50


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