Flash fiction attempt. C. J. Black.

Signs are for a purpose.
Here I am standing on the precipice.
Below me a quarry in full operation, it appeared as though they were miles below the surface moving like dinky toys.
This workforce scurrying much like spiders threading a web, as I edged closer to the entrance to get a better view point I could feel the earth move beneath my feet, taking a step back was not the best move I ever made. As swift as an archer with a bow and as direct I was gone over the side.
For a split second my life flashed before me, but it turned out the Gods were in my corner – this was my lucky day.
I awoke, the sun was setting in the sky, evening closing in, and my near death experience had gone unnoticed, thankfully as luck would have it the glare from the sun reflected off my watch alerting a passer by of my difficulty.
One moment I was alone, and then suddenly I was surrounded by members of the workforce. Some had stern words to say while others appeared to have a tear in their eye.
My own stupidity and being nosey nearly landed me in a concrete grave.

C. J. Black©β
22/05/2013 12:21:38
Flash Fiction.


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