I’ll drink to that. C. J. Black.

Show to over 18’s only – contains alcohol.

C. J. Black.


Look, watch that leaf floating on the breeze

First signs of autumn time for wheeze and sneeze

There’s really no escaping it, so upon reflection

It’s time to visit your G. P. roll up your sleeve for that injection.


It doesn’t help at all if you’re the one that’s squeamish

My advice to you, instead have a couple of pints of Beamish

Nothing like really after enduring an autumnal breeze

It’ll do as good as job on you as the engine topped up with anti-freeze.


Not that I’m encouraging you to go on a daily tare

But what’s seldom is wonderful, am I being fair?

Another remedy I am told, equally as good for the body

Is something called a chaser, commonly known as a hot toddy.


Before I sign off I must not forget, the drink with the Bishops collar

Sure a Pint O’ Plain is your only man, it is indeed top dollar.


C. J. Black                         07/10/2013 14:41:50



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