A poem for a dreary Wednesday. C. J. Black.

A Two Fingered Salute.


I would love to have a cultivated mind –

Then poems I could grow

Poems of some substance –

With rhythm and with flow

Poems that might grab you –

And somehow hold your attention

Poems with a touch of humour –

Some filled with suspension.

But all of that would take a mind that is cultivated

Instead all I seem to do is write poems that get slated

I have no problem with critics once they speak the truth

But denounce I will vehemently those who are uncouth

Ah, a poetic rant, the emitting of some steam

Getting on your high horse, fulfilling that dream

Nothing like it believe me, it really is a thrill

To sit down at the keyboard and give them a Churchill.


C. J. Black                        

14/10/2013 17:53:43


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