Honesty is the best policy. C. J. Black.

It takes two to tango.
By C. J. Black.

Let us put this argument to bed once and for all
And reach an agreement before nightfall
I’ve made the first move I can’t do more than that
Come clean, I’ll shake your hand, I’ll even tip my hat.

We have little in common you and I
A compromise is on the cards – try not to be so sly
Stubbornness will win no battle
Nor will back stabbing or tittle tattle.

Whether or which, I’ll sleep soundly in my bed
My conscience is clear, on my part no more is to be said
The ball is now firmly in your court
Apologise if you will – show the world your worth.

C. J. Black∁β
21/10/2013 21:15:35


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