We’re far from being party poopers. C. J. Black



My friend Fictitious Clancy and I were sitting in the snug last night having a convivial drink and having a serious discussion about nothing in particular when he leaned across the table and espoused –

I don’t know about you but it gives me the pip

Each time Christmas adverts come on T.V. I let some expletives rip

Honestly it’s only the 4th of November

Have they mysteriously moved Christmas up from the 25th of December?


Are you a bit like me? Do you wish you could just sleep through into the New Year?

I know if that were possible I’d face the festive season with great cheer

It’s not that I don’t like partying I’m Irish for heaven’s sake

It’s just I can’t stomach brussel sprouts and I detest Christmas cake.


The kindness of people though I must admit really knows no bounds

Bet its socks again this year though, they don’t half do the rounds?

Maybe I’ll get lucky this year and be laid up with a bug

In the meantime – there’s not much left to say except – Merry Christmas and BAH-HUM-BUG


C. J. Black                        

05/11/2013 16:21:07



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