A dilemma!! C. J. Black.

I got a call earlier today from my friend Fictitious Clancy – he was in a real panic
He was looking for the name of a really good mechanic
He was out for a drive with a pretty blonde – actually it was someone’s wife
But I really can’t tell you that or he would have my life
They had just gone on a short trip for a little tete – a – tete
It was meant to be quite innocent – not a proper date
Then the car blew up on them – now that episode wasn’t planned
The whole thing began to unravel and get out of hand
So being the obliging chap I am I gave him the number he requested
It was then things really went belly up and his patience was about to be tested
For as luck would have it – when the mechanic arrived to carry out the car repair
The blonde in the company of Fictitious Clancy was none other than his wife Claire.

C. J. Black∁β
14/11/2013 12:44:19

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