A friend in need. C. J. Black.

You are not staying here
The answer was direct and quite severe
I wasn’t even asked would I like a bite to eat
Nor was I offered an ointment for my blistered feet.

Was it my colour or perhaps my demeanour?
For the attitude was in no way sweet in fact it was downright sour
I knew there was no harm in me I was just down on my luck
I was just looking for part time work to earn an honest buck.

The way of the world has changed of that there is no doubt
People like us on the lower rung will find it hard to bring change about
Hopefully the time will come when each one will be born with a silver spoon
But until those on the top rung realise how we exist they will not change their tune.

C. J. Black∁β
15/11/2013 22:06:22

4 thoughts on “A friend in need. C. J. Black.

  1. You surely don’t remember the great depression! Things were so different in the world then. Even though there was a lack of food, money and even shelter, people shared. Water, (sometimes coffee), a sandwich or a cup of homemade soup, and best wishes in finding a job. Was the world more caring or is it that there is very little trust between us these days?


    1. I believe it is all about respect, as a member of the grey brigade we were thought to respect and I believe we carry that with us at all times – it is not a heavy weight to carry.


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