Not a good idea to keep your lip buttoned. C. J. Black.

Strolling casually down the street, nothing going on in my head
I hesitated for a moment, and thought, there must be something to be said
It doesn’t have to be anything mind blowing
Just an indication that something inside is growing.

Because in my opinion it would be a catastrophe
If nothing could be written, not that you have a duty –
To write at all if you are not in the mood
But you had better fill this space during this interlude.

For who knows how long again it will be before you get the urge
So scribble it down while you have the chance –
Go on your system purge.
The task is now completed I have nothing left to say
It sure takes a lot of practice to become a word gourmet.

C. J. Black∁β
14/10/2013 21:09:23