Ink flowing through my veins!! C. J. Black.

Sitting off in my writing den
Put a line through my first effort – start again
Your writing implement – a thing of power
Refreshes your writing whenever it turns sour.

You think you are the master – it will soon put you in your place
With this quill tonight you will write nothing of disgrace
You think you write of your own free will?
Being sorted by a writing implement – is as hard to swallow as a bitter pill.

It’s beginning to dry up the ink flowing to its nib
But it refuses to give up – it knows not how to jib
So I give in – its blood flow I replenish
And allow it continue, task complete to finish.

C. J. Black∁β
19/11/2013 20:06:44

8 thoughts on “Ink flowing through my veins!! C. J. Black.

    1. Hi Marie, I hope you have recovered from being put out!! effortless sometimes takes me about 5 minutes so perfect I have not yet managed and probably won’t in this life time.
      Perhaps you could insert a sample of your writing in a comment, I am intrigued.


      1. I never considered I could write anything that could entertain, so I look with longing at your words that seem to have come so easily. At some point recently I found that I do have a sense of humor and have tried to inject it occasionally, but it has no real sense of reality as your poems do. For instance this poem is about a serious subject, “writing’ and yet you get that across but you entertain. I like the poem even more because it deals with what I love.
        Okay, here is your sample of my approach to humor.

        The Old Lady and I

        Suspicious and cranky
        The old lady seemed
        Quite ready to take me
        Apart at the seams.
        Her eyebrows went up
        In startled surprise
        As her mouth pinched tight
        Over words that took flight.
        I murmured quite softly
        To lessen her pain
        And found surprisingly
        We were one and the same.


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