Nothing to loose. C. J. Black.

Nothing to loose.
By C. J. Black. Friday, 17 January 2014
Writing, I find is great therapy
May not be for everybody I tend to agree
Sitting down with the challenge of an empty page
Once I get the first line down I then take it slowly stage by stage
I may not always have a topic to kick start me into gear
This doesn’t faze me anymore or fill me with dreaded fear
Once I begin putting words down the easier it gets
It won’t turn out to be a masterpiece but I’ll have no regrets
There is no time limit, so I allow myself lots of time to think
There never was a classic written as quick as an eye can blink
Some poems I’ve read, could take months even years to compose
They are written by “real poets” of which I’ll not be one I propose
I write for the hell of it – worry not if my efforts never see day light
Then again, who knows, someday someone might throw a plaudit my way –Voila – sheer delight
So now you see what can be achieved
I’ve just filled a foolscap page – feeling quite relieved
It has taken me all of 15 minutes to fill these 22 lines.
Perhaps I could have written on a topic take for instance “landmines”
Or perhaps on the devastation caused by the nuclear bomb
But that would take research, patience and may I say aplomb
Someday who knows I just might
Write something, which turns out to be pure dynamite?
C.J. Black©β

3 thoughts on “Nothing to loose. C. J. Black.

  1. Chris, you write from within, that rare honesty is a gift, sir. Anyone can write a poem but it takes a poet to write poetry. Form and rules are all very nice but can sometimes make a body of work dull, if writing ever becomes ‘work’ the passion and art is gone. You are a writer, a poet and I believe in you. Stop being so hard on yourself, pal. Best wishes from baldy 🙂


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