February ’14 Haikus.
By C. J. Black.

Glistening in sunlight
Passing mansions on a hill
Bankers’ paradise.

Weather beaten face
Cursing the winter weather
Seeking sheltered spot.

In the church of God
Our petitions wing their way
Silently give praise.

Feel the winter chill
Mercury is dropping fast
The larder is bare.

Watch the child at play
Beware of your surroundings
Showing little fear.

On the trail of haikus
A most relaxing past time
Ideas abound.

Attach the dogs lead
Early constitutional
Good hangover cure.

Had my coffee fix
Time for early morning swim
Feeling full of beans.

Heard from far off hills
The sound of music playing
Amber nectar flows.

Compose a haiku
Not the easiest of tasks
One day I’ll succeed.

C. J. Black©β
02/02/2014 00:44:13