I am not disturbed? C. J. Black.

I am not disturbed

Feeling like a winner?
Or perhaps a sinner
I turned the other cheek
Trying hard to show – really I am not weak
It isn’t easy always being on top of your game
But it has to be done if you want to, witness the taste of fame
Writing rubbish is quite easy don’t you agree?
Follow me at your peril that’s my impoverished plea
For if I have no one following what really is the point?
I will lead you a merry dance I promise not to disappoint!
Writing “poetry” – for me is not an easy task
You there at the back of the class – yes you with the silly mask
It’s not a mask I hear you say – so you really are two faced?
Much better for you if you learned to behave – have you heard the expression straight laced?
You are great at spewing out verbal diarrhoea
Others, I do declare suffer similarly after dining at a pizzeria
It gets rather tedious sometimes
Searching for a word that rhymes.
In order to continue a poem
I leaf through my trusty tome
Searching for a word to fit-
Eloquent – so I can commit
To finishing what I started
A poem to raise a smile perhaps – something quite light hearted
If it offends or you dislike it I’ll not be at all perturbed
My mind is quite at ease, as the title indicates I’m not at all disturbed.
C. J. Black©β
01/03/2014 22:27:14


2 thoughts on “I am not disturbed? C. J. Black.

  1. ah, Cj, ’tis a selfless task, as the mind searches and fails to grasp, the rhyme and reason, of putting to prose, our thoughts ideas, what’s the good of those? … Many thanks for the above snaking thoughts, ’twas a treat…good enough to eat… (sorry, once I start I can’t stop!! 🙂 xPenx


    1. Cheers Lady Pen, “good enough to eat eh” have no idea where the thought for this emanated from maybe the fact that I am regularly forced to eat humble pie in relation to my scribbling but sure it fills a page and gets it out of the system – it has nothing at all to do with the state of my mind – by the way you could be on to something in your comment so don’t stop.


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