What will be will be. C. J. Black

Que Sera Sera.
By C. J. Black.

Everything can be fixed with care and understanding
So look on the bright side of life, on yourself, try and not be so demanding
Teach yourself to be positive, Put aside those negative vibes
Be upfront with yourself – deflect all jeers and jibes
Always keep a bright outlook to yourself be true
Remember – sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you
Keeping ahead of the posse will see you win the race
Staying on an even keel – set yourself a steady pace
Be upright at all times – don’t bend down to pet BLACK DOG
Keep the home fires burning – on the fire throw another log
Enjoy the challenge you’ve been handed as this is all you’ve got
You only have one life to live – give it your best shot
To late giving out as time diminishes – for there is no going back
So take the proverbial bull by the horns – give it a real crack
Don’t leave here feeling remorse or appearing to be under a black cloud
Remember back to what you were thought all those years ago – there’s no pockets in a shroud
Treat everyone as you treat yourself – with plenty of TLC
Take positively whatever is thrown back at you for what will be will be
None of us are perfect we were all born with a flaw
So if it’s not broken try not to fix it for – Que Sera Sera.
C. J. Black∁β
06/03/2014 21:47:08


4 thoughts on “What will be will be. C. J. Black

  1. Perfect, Chris, the upbeat message, we all have flaws but ’tis up to us to carry on, with whatever strength we can muster… So many homilies out there, to cover all aspects of life, live, love and be happy with your choices, no going back..methinks. xPenx


    1. Cheers Lady Pen, never know where it’s going to go when I sit myself down with a thought sometimes it “works” other times – well the less said the better on that score.


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