Keeping your head above water.


By C. J. Black.


I wondered what their relation was –

While earwigging on their conversation – because

They both agreed it was worth committing

Once both parties were benefitting.


When one is put to the test

All one can do is their very best

Continue to count every blessing

Skipping at best things distressing.


What can one say?

To those trying to keep BLACK DOG at bay

Except that it is good to talk, talk outlining –

How to keep worry to the fore – try hard to refrain from pining.


Granted, it is easier said than done

But you must believe that with such actions –

It’s a battle more or less half won

We all have issues – is it not good to share?

You will always find an ear – someone to show a little care.


Yes there are those who persecute.

Try hard to turn the other cheek and execute –

With aplomb, the fact that you will win

Tossing the ghosts of times past into that invisible bin.


C. J. Black©β  1st April 2014.





2 thoughts on “Keeping your head above water.

  1. It always helps, Chris, sharing sorrows, troubles and getting another’s point of view. What’s that saying, “A trouble shared a trouble halved”…. Enjoyed this poetic share. xPenx


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